The ultimate place of Retreat – Troodos

Enjoy skiing in the midst of highest mountain ranges of Troodos with your family and friends

Churches, Monasteries, mountain ranges and nature enveloped with wonderful climate welcomes you to have a retreat in Troodos

Troodos is the largest mountain range of Cyprus situated in the centre of the island and stretching towards the southern part of Cyprus. These mountains had risen above the sea level because of the collision of the tectonic plates of Africa and Europe. Mount Olympus the highest peak of Troodos Mountains has four ski slopes to hosts. Troodos Mountains is made up of igneous rocks and is rich in minerals. For centuries, the region remained isolated and its rocky nature had kept safe from the raiding invaders who raided the rest of Cyprus.

The climate of the mountain range is superb throughout the year. In summers, also, the climate here is very cool surrounded with pine-scented air. Attracted by the climate of Troodos, the British were motivated to build large number of inroads in order to have a relief from the coastal summer.

Troodos is a great place of retreat for the dissidents and the rebels with its stronghold over its Orthodox Church, monasteries and other painted medieval churches. Today it has become the most attractive tourist place of Cyprus. The livelihood of the people of the villages nearby Troodos is completely dependant on the tourist. The increasing tourists’ attractions have encouraged the visitors to convert their traditional homes into hotels, restaurants and agro tourism endeavors for the visitors.

Tourists have an opportunity to view in this region the ancient old Byzantine period’s art and culture. There are many things for the tourists to explore here and enjoy the mountains. The hills draped with vineyards pull the attention of the tourists. Higher mountains offer the tourists and opportunity of hiking, skiing and having picnic fun here. It is an attraction for the nature lovers who love plants as Troodos have around eight hundred and more variety of plant species. The mountainous region also has to offer its visitors variety of birds and animals like the rare Borelli Eagle, wild sheep’s and others.

Troodos is also very popular for its Byzantine churches and monasteries that are beautifully decorated with the murals. UNESCO has listed the nine churches and one monastery of this region in the list of World Heritage Site. The most famous monastery is Kykkos monastery. These churches and monastery along with the entire region holds great peace and calmness that one cannot find in the coast or in the cities.

The resort of Troodos attracts more and more Europeans for having a relaxed and stress free holiday. The natural waterfalls also drag tourist’s attraction. The mountains offer a great beauty for photographers to have natural and beautiful pictures to click.

Larnaca Airport and Paphos Airport takes similar time of travel to reach Troodos Mountains. Thus, tourists sprung up in this place from their choice and convenience of place. Tour operators also provide several tour packages with great offers for spending your holiday in lush green mountains. Tourists carry along with them sweet and memorable memories of the mountain filled with peaceful monasteries, churches and places of relaxation and mind refreshing.

From Troodos to Larnaca Int. Airport (LCA)

Travel Time: 90 Min , Distance: 111 Km

From Troodos to Paphos Intl. Airport (PFO)

Travel Time: 105 Min , Distance: 84 Km