Visit Oroklini – Experience Nature at its Best in Cyprus

Come, Enjoy and explore the nature’s large number of varied species of birds fluttering in shallow salt lakes of Oroklini, in north east of Larnaca.

 Oroklini though the smallest village of Larnaca district in Cyprus Island but gives you an never ending joy of enjoying the hills, lakes and the nature on the whole.

Oroklini is a very small village located to the north – east of Larnaca. Oroklini village in the Larnaca District of Cyprus is also known rarely by the name Voroklini. The village is sparsely populated even now. The village is nestled into the mouth of the coastal valley and surrounded with a number of hills around it.

Oroklini is a beautiful site protected with shallow salt lakes that act as the home for a large variety of birds. Pink Flamingo is seen in large numbers in Oroklini. It also consists of several chapels near the mountainside that are uninhabited. These deserted chapels remind you of the ancient art, architecture and culture of the people who had been living here in the olden times.

To reach to Oroklini Village one has to further travel either from Larnaca International Airport that is 21.8 kilometers away from the village, taking your travel time of only thirty minutes from the Larnaca Airport. Other alternative to reach Oroklini village is from Paphos International Airport, which is at a distance of 134 kilometers from the village taking your 105 minutes travel time. Private cars, taxis and local public transport facility are available from both the airports for you to reach the village.

The village has a lovely climate and a relaxed atmosphere throughout the year. It is one of the best places for the touristers to enjoy the taste of the traditional Cyprus that has remained carefree and unconcerned in the past. Oroklini fun loving village of Cyprus is still close to a host of tourist and leisure amenities. It has beautiful sandy beaches that leave a very relaxed and cool feeling in the minds of the tourists. You can find good variety of seafood with local variety of fishes for your taste buds.

The village area is considered as the best residential areas of Larnaca in present times. Oroklini offers an overwhelming and panoramic view of the whole of the Larnaca Bay that keeps you stunned. Oroklini, village because of its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful nature since past has also been a popular destination for expatriates who had been relocated in Cyprus.

Oroklini village is slowly gaining an identity among the Europeans who want to enjoy a real relaxed holiday amongst the beauty of nature. It literally rejuvenates you out from your stress and tired life. More and more Europeans are found travelling to this place for spending their weekends and vacations to get themselves refreshed and back to energy. Oroklini is truly a fantastic place of holiday for relaxing your mind and body. The hills, the valley and the beautiful weather, the scenic beauty and the surroundings are greatly responsible in rejuvenating our mind with peace and calmness. The natural beauty of the village, its shallow salt waters and the presence of variety of rare species birds along with the pink Flamingos is gaining popularity worldwide and thereby crowds apart from Europe are also attracted from other continents. The local residents of Oroklini village welcome foreigners to their village and feel happy in entertaining them.

From Oroklini to Larnaca Int. Airport (LCA)

Travel Time: 30 Min , Distance: 21 Km

From Oroklini to Paphos Intl. Airport (PFO)

Travel Time: 105 Min , Distance: 134 Km

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