Limassol the most beautiful city of the Cyprus Island

Come; enjoy Limassol the ancient city of Cyprus, rich in heritage and history

Limassol the place full of attractive resorts and natural beauty attracts tourists visiting Cyprus.

Limassolians have a reputation for being fun loving and always ready to party. The wine festival in September and the Carnival in March are major events on the island. Limassol is a large, cosmopolitan port and resort with some of the best hotels in Cyprus and an enormous selection of restaurants, night clubs, discos and shops.

Limassol is a city of Cyprus is situated between the ancient cities of Amathus and Kourion (Curium). Limassol is the capital of eponymous district that lies on the south coast of Cyprus. It is the second largest urban population developed town of Cyprus with dense population in compared to other towns of Cyprus. During the Byzantine period, this city was known as Neapolis.

The city has been inhabited since ancient times that can be understood by the graves found which are dated of 8th and 4th century. These graves are the sign to let us know that there were people living in Limassol. History of Limassol tells that Armenian Emperor Tigranes the Great had reached Cyprus and established his colony in Limassol with the intention of seeking security and protection of the local Greek allies against Arabians and Rome.

The bay of Limassol is large divided into old and new Limassol, the historical centre of Limassol is located around its medieval Limassol castle and the old Port. While the new development of the city spreads along the Mediterranean coast and have extended further than the castle and the port towards the coast of Amathus and towards the west of Limasool lays the British overseas territory by the name Akrotiri and Dhekelia.

Limassol is a very beautiful place and so is it nowadays attracting large number of tourist. The local residents of Limassol are considered to be fun loving and always wanting to live their lives to the fullest. The major events that take place on the island are the wine festival in the month of September and the carnival in the month of March. The cosmopolitan port of Limassol have to offer its tourists best hotels, restaurants, night clubs, discos and shops from where they can carry souvenirs to their homes.

The natural beauty and the surrounded resorts pull tourists towards Limassol for their holidays and relaxing vacation. Limassol also acts as a gateway to the mountain resorts, Governor Beaches, Pissouri and other beautiful sights can be easily reached through Limassol. The vineyards around Limassol are an attraction to visit the yards that are spread far and wide. Limasool is also a famous place for hosting grand wedding and other parties, it is in the Limasool castle where the wedding of Richard the Lion heart and Berengaria of Navarre taken place. This is a best place to capture beautiful sceneries, mountains and natural beauty in your cameras.

Some other places like crusader castle of Kolossi, ancient kingdoms of Curium and the headquarters of the Knights Templar and St. John of Jerusalem are of great attraction for the tourist. You can reach very easily to Pissouri and Governor’s beach resorts through well-built Limassol roads.

Larnaca airport and Paphos international airport both are at a close proximity for travellers to travel to Limassol. From Larnaca Airport to Limassol, it takes you 60 minutes drive to cover, the distance of 67 kilometer and from Paphos international Airport you need to drive for 75 minutes to cover 68.3 kilometers for reaching Limassol. 

From Limassol to Larnaca Int. Airport (LCA)

Travel Time: 60 Min , Distance: 67 Km

From Limassol to Paphos Intl. Airport (PFO)

Travel Time: 75 Min , Distance: 68 Km

Hotels in Limassol

  • Aquarius Beach Hotel
  • Ajax Hotel
  • Alasia Hotel
  • Amathus Beach Hotel
  • Anemos Apartments
  • Atlantica Bay Hotel
  • Atlantica Gardens A & B Apartments
  • Atlantica Miramare Beach Hotel
  • Atlantica Oasis Hotel
  • Blue Crane Hotel Apartments
  • Caravel Hotel
  • Chrielka Hotel Apartments
  • Corina Apartments
  • Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Crusader Beach Hotel
  • Curium Palace Hotel
  • Elias Beach Hotel
  • Estella Hotel Apartments
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Geo Tanya Hotel Apartments
  • Golden Arches Hotel
  • Governor's Beach Camping Sites
  • Grand Resort Hotel
  • Icaros Quest Houses
  • Irene's Gardens Apartments
  • Jasmine Hotel Apartments
  • Kanika Odyssia Hotel
  • Kapetanios Hotel
  • Le Meridien Limassol Spa & Resort Hotel
  • Le Village Hotel
  • Lime Gardens Apartments
  • Lordos Hotel Apartments
  • Luxor Quest Houses
  • Marianna Hotel Apartments
  • Mediterranean Beach Hotel
  • Mistral Hotel Apartments
  • Moniatis Hotel
  • Navarria Apartments
  • Paramount Hotel Apartments
  • Nostalgia Hotel Apartments
  • Petrou Bros Hotel Apartments
  • Pefkos Hotel
  • Pier Beach Hotel Apartments
  • Pigeon Beach Hotel Apartments
  • Polyxeni Hotel Apartments
  • Poseidonia Beach Hotel
  • Royal Apollonia Hotel
  • Ser Criso Hotel Apartments
  • Sotorena Apartments
  • St Raphael Resort Hotel
  • Stalis Quest Houses
  • Sylva Hotel
  • Tasiana Hotel Apartments
  • Tasiana Star Hotel Apartments
  • The Palms Hotel Apartments
  • Tycoon Apartments
  • Valana Apartments
  • Vegas Hotel Apartments