Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I get to know who is going to be attending me at the airport?

When we confirm your transfer booking, we will give you a voucher that will give you specific  details about the agent who will then take care of you. You will be provided with his name, and contact number on the voucher that states your transfer case, so that you can easily find him.

2) What do I do in cases of emergencies, like not finding the aforementioned person or the described place of meeting him?

Should you face such a circumstance, please use the emergency number printed on your voucher and describe your case there. We shall be able to find a remedy to all your problems shortly.

3) Will my journey be direct and uninterrupted?

If you have chosen a private transfer, for sure, your journey would be undisturbed as you will be the only one travelling with and being handled by our agent. However, if you have chosen your mode of transfer to be either shuttle transfer, or the public-shared coach transfer, your journey would consist of numerous stops for picking and dropping people on the concerned destinations on the way.

4) Whom do I inform if there are changes in my flight timings?

If your flight’s arrival timings change, like if the flight gets delayed, you do not need to worry. We make sure your respective representative keeps himself updated with the details of the variations in flight timings. However, should you miss a connecting flight in between two flights, you may call the emergency number on the voucher or you can directly contact your respective agent through the number that we would provide.

5) How much space would I be given for my luggage?

If you have booked for a private transfer, you may bring along a reasonable amount of luggage. However if you are travelling on a shared transfer mode, you will only be allowed to bring a restricted amount of luggage with you. The exact amount would be mentioned on your booking voucher. So, the luggage that you can carry around is largely dependent on the type of transfer you have opted for.

6) I have changed my mind and decided to cancel my transfer booking. What is the exact procedure?

In order to cancel your booking, you will have to log onto our website and go to the “amendments” link and then follow the procedure mentioned there. You may as well send an e-mail to However, please note that we shall only be able to entertain your request of cancellation if the request is launched by the lead passenger.

7) Do I get the same amount of money back should I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking within 14 days of the departure of your respective flight, we shall charge the entire 100% of the amount paid as cancellation fee- which means that none of your money will be refunded. If you cancel your booking 15-60 days prior the departure date, we shall charge 25% of the amount paid as cancellation fee. Before 60 days or more of the departure, you would be charged 10% of the amount paid as administration fee per booking.

8) Can you instead transfer me to a private destination, that is not necessarily a hotel or apartment?

Although we provide transfer services for places within a certain proximity of the cities shuttle transfer services are not extended to private addresses as it is a shared service. If you are not sure of the entire address though, we can offer to drop you at the local tourist office. Please contact us at for any such queries or confusions.

9) Do you entertain last minute bookings?

If you make an abrupt decision to book a transfer, we should be able to entertain your request provided that you make your booking at least 48 hours prior the departure of the concerned flight. We can then check the availability of the transfer that you requested for and get our agents to work accordingly.

10) How do I go about booking the return transfer ‘from’ a particular location ‘to’ the airport and then ‘from’ the airport ‘to’ the location?

In such a scenario, you will have to book your transfers while selecting a return transfer.

11) Will pickatransfer provide for any extra assistance such as those required by a disabled person?

If you are disabled and require assistance, we may allow you to carry a foldable chair with you on your transfer. Non-foldable wheel chairs cannot be entertained because of the space constraint. If you are travelling on a private transfer, you will have enough room to carry your wheel chair with you. However, if you are travelling on the public shared transfer like shuttles, we may not be able to provide you more assistance. It is highly encouraged that you bring a foldable wheel chair since the public transfer would not be able to cater to your specific requirements otherwise.

Also, in such a case, please make sure that you inform us before hand by adding the details on the ‘special request’ section in your transfer application.

12) Can the resort that has once been booked for be changed under any circumstances?

No, if you have booked the wrong resort somehow, you will have to cancel your current booking and then re-book your transfer by submitting a fresh application with the changes.

13) Is booking online equally reliable as booking otherwise?

Yes, it is completely reliable. You may want to check pickatransfer’s private policy and SSL certificate.

14) Can you guide me how to amend my booking exactly?

Sure! Follow the following steps:

Make sure you fill in the right details in the following:

  • Flight Dates, Flight Numbers, Flight Times
  • Airline Codes
  • Hotel Name/Details
  • Lead Passenger Name
  • Number of Pax - Increase or Decrease

15)  I have lost my voucher, can I print another one? Will it matter?

No, it would not matter. You simply have to log onto the website and enter your booking reference number and then select the V right next to the booking. The voucher will be seen on your screen and you can get it printed. If you want a copy of the invoice, you can select the “I” next to the booking and the invoice will appear before you, ready to get printed.

16)  I am trying to amend my details but am unable to do so, why?

This may be due to one or all of the following reasons:

  • You booked the wrong Resort and so your transfer was not confirmed by pickatransfer as a result of this.
  • Instead of booking Taxi transfers to a private address, you have booked a shuttle transfer. This is not possible as only private taxi transfers can be made in such cases.
  • No Flight or Hotel details have been provided on the Booking Form and so  the Travel Agent cannot assist in getting this information before Travel Date.

17)  When will the pick up times be available to me?

Pickatransfer will only be able to provide you with the pick up times 24-48 hours before the departure and not earlier than that.

18)  I am an agent and am not sure of the client’s pick up time, what do I do?

You should log onto and select the Pick Up icon at the Bottom of our Home Page.
Travel Agents - Enter the clients Reference number and your nominated Agency email address. The Pick Up time will be displayed.
Direct Clients - Enter your booking Reference number and the email address you used when you made the booking. The Pick Up time will be displayed